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The Mega-Drought can be broken by “Move the Water!”

Abstract: Active Climate Rescue Initiative (ACRI) has identified a root cause for the mega-drought and has a solution designed to break the drought by repairing the cause. The solution is to install “Move the Water!” in three locations in SW-North America. This will fix a broken water-cycle and bring rain back to parched lands. Introduction … Continue reading “The Mega-Drought can be broken by “Move the Water!””

Studies which Support ‘Move the Water!’

Flooding Desert Depression Move the Water! premise: The flooding of a dry depression would cause increase in atmospheric moisture and a decrease in local temperature. Study Conducted: In 1983 a group of scientists created a computer simulation model to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the mesoscale(1) climatic changes due to a deliberate flooding of the … Continue reading “Studies which Support ‘Move the Water!’”


This is a multi-step process, and for brevity this page will address some of the major tasks which must be accomplished to make this occur. This is the most grandiose Move the Water! proposal for the USA where Global Warming can be impacted, and reversal initiated. Not all possible steps can be included in this … Continue reading “REHYDRATE THE GREAT BASIN”


LAKE EYRE in AUSTRALIA Here is yet another location in our world which would benefit from the Move the Water! initiative. In this video StocktonDan lays out a good plan to flooding Lake Eyre, Australia with ocean water and extrapolates some of the benefits for the region. Move the Water! The root of the Move … Continue reading “LAKE EYRE in AUSTRALIA”


This blog page contains a collection of videos related to our goal of reversing Global Warming by the effort of: Move the Water! These videos demonstrate that this process has been considered. each has their own perspective. Videos added over time. Check again to see if a new one is added. THE SALTON SEA SOLUTION, … Continue reading “Videos”

Open Letter to California’s Imperial Irrigation District

According to Circle of Blue Water Podcast [1]: “California’s Imperial Irrigation District is suing over being excluded from the Colorado River drought contingency plan. The legal challenge came the same day as President Trump signed legislation to implement the plan, which took years of negotiation between the seven river basin states. The agreement intends to … Continue reading “Open Letter to California’s Imperial Irrigation District”

Mexico Holds One of the Keys to Reversing Climate Change.

Unfortunately… Mexico has not used that key and the solution remains securely locked. Mexico has expressed a commitment to helping solve Climate Change by their signing the Paris Accord, but seems oblivious to this easy opportunity which only they can accomplish. What is this easy opportunity? Fill Laguna Salada with ocean water from the Sea … Continue reading “Mexico Holds One of the Keys to Reversing Climate Change.”

The Great Salt Lake

Will It Soon Be The Great Salt Dust-Bowl? This discussion is greatly simplified, but… The Great Salt Lake was created by water left behind from some global event. Theories include the Ice Age and/or the Biblical Flood. It was massive in size, covering about a quarter of Utah. It is much smaller today and regardless … Continue reading “The Great Salt Lake”