Open letter to World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

In your recently published: WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2019; I read…

P. Taalas, WMO Secretary-General stated (pg. 3):

… sea levels are rising at an increasing pace, through greater warming of the oceans, on the surface and in the depths, and through the enhanced melting of Greenland’s ice and of glaciers,… The results of this report demonstrate that climate change is already very visible in various ways. More ambitious climate mitigation efforts are needed to keep the warming below 2 °C by the end of the century.

A Guterres, UN Secretary-General stated (pg. 4):

Time is fast running out for us to avert the worst impacts of climate disruption….  The consequences are already apparent. More severe and frequent floods, droughts and tropical storms, dangerous heatwaves and rising sea levels are already severely threatening lives and livelihoods across the planet…. we need political will and urgent action to set a different path. This report outlines the latest science and illustrates the urgency for far-reaching climate action.… I call on everyone … to heed these facts and take urgent action to halt the worst effects of climate change.  We need more ambition on mitigation,… That is the only way to ensure a safer, more prosperous and sustainable future for all people on a healthy planet.

WMO Provisional Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2019 by World Meteorological Organization

I view this as the trailer for their report.

Urgent Action Encouraged

Both of these gentlemen call for more ambitious climate mitigation efforts and urgent action, yet nowhere is this report is any consideration for the one solution which is proactive, clean and simple, inexpensive, and will have immediate and continuing results, the Active Climate Rescue Initiative: Move the Water!

Move the Water! is Proactive

One of the concerns of the rising ocean levels is the inundation of dry land with ocean water. The Move the Water! initiative is to do just that, in select places. There exist several places around our world which are dry and below sea-level. Theoretically these places could become flooded with the natural ocean rise, but only after the ocean level has caused trouble for multiple cities and islands. By direct human intervention these dry holes can be filled with ocean water; immediately decreasing the ocean levels.

Places on land with elevations below sea level by Science Gyan

Many of these can be filled with Ocean Water.

Move the Water! is Clean and Simple

In every instance the task of moving the water is as simple as providing and open gravity flow water path from the ocean to the depression. Once the path is provided, no more energy is used to move the water.

Trench digging machine to dig large canals by Best Innovation Technology

This is just one example. Machines abound for creating the water path.

Move the Water! will Have Immediate Results

Immediately on completion of the first project, the ocean level will be reduced; just a little bit, but every little bit helps. Further reductions come with the completion of each successive project. 

Move the Water! will Have Continuing Benefits

Continuing Benefits – Drawdown of Ocean Levels

The water is being moved into dry depressions in deserts. These places are windy, dry and hot. The water deposited in the depressions will evaporate. As the water evaporates the ocean will have further and continuous drawdown as long as an open flow water path is maintained. This simple science. In the below video this is communicated by children in less than 3 minutes.  

How Does Water Evaporate? By Plumb Landing of PBS

So simple a child can understand it.

Continuing Benefits – Evaporative Micro-Climate Cooling

As the water evaporates, the local environment is cooled by a small amount. These micro-cooling occurrences have global effect. Cooling by evaporation is simple science which we experience in our daily lives and is demonstrated in the below video.

Evaporation causes cooling by KClassScienceChannel

Think how this will benefit the desert air.

Continuing Benefits – Evaporated Moisture Returns as Rain

As the old saying goes: What goes up must come down. That is the case with evaporation. The water which escapes into the atmosphere returns as rain, mist and in some cases snow. Again, this is simple science that even children can understand as demonstrated in the below video.

How to Make Rain by Ryan Cragun

Continuing Benefits – Rain Cleans the Air

In desert areas there is much dust in the air. The rain will eliminate some of this dust, bringing it back to soil.

Rain’s Dirty Little Secret by MinuteEarth

Continuing Benefits – Returning Rain Cools

The rain cools the air and ground in the area. Again the local environment is micro-cooled by a small amount with global benefit. Think how nice rain feels on a hot day.

Continuing Benefits – Rain Brings Plant Growth

Plants in many places lie dormant waiting for local rains. With the newly formed inland sea, rain will fall more consistently, and the plants will thrive. The below video displays some remarkable plant growth in arid places.   

Plant growth of tropical flowers in the desert by David Attenborough, BBC Studios

Continuing Benefits – Plants Evaporate Moisture Too

Part of the plant photosynthesis process returns water into the air, which is then joined with the other evaporated moisture to bring life to the desert.

Which Came First – The Rain or the Rainforest? By MinuteEarth

Continuing Benefits – Plants Are Natural Air Conditioners

On a hot day, where do you stand? In the direct sun or under a tree? The environment is much cooler under the tree. Initially because you are not in direct sunlight. But the second reason is because the plant is causing cooling. The plant releases moisture during photosynthesis which causes the air to cool. The cool air sinks (hot air rises) to the space under the tree creating a nice bubble of cool. The below video expands the plant cooling to a level where it helps reverse global Warming.

Water Evaporated from Trees Cools Global Climate by Carnegie Science

Continuing Benefits – Plants Eat CO2 for Lunch

Plants are natural carbon syncs. They pull the carbon out of the air and convert it into the building blocks for their plant bodies. Once trapped in the plant, it stays there until the plant is burned (mostly), even if the plant dies and decomposes into soil, the carbon remains then in the soil. The first 40 seconds of the below video explain how plants absorb carbon from the air.

How Much Air Can A Tree Hold? By MinuteEarth

Continuing Benefits – Plants Cool Soil

The shade of the plants cools the ground. This cooler ground will allow water to be absorbed into it and to fill underground held aquifers. The water held in the ground is good for drinking and many other uses. The water in the aquifers is water which is not immediately returned to the ocean. It may stay in the underground aquifer for many years before it is extracted. The below video touches on the ground water phenomena.  

Water Cycle by It’s Aumsum Time

Continuing Benefits – The Cycle Repeats Itself Downwind

There is discussion of Domino Droughts. Active Climate Rescue Initiative posits that implementing the Move the Water!, a reverse action can be initiated: Domino Rehydration. This process can rehydrate the Great Basin and the whole of the SW USA desert, or Africa’s Sahara. Imagine the global benefit if the Sahara were green.

Move the Water! is Inexpensive

When considering the cost of many proposed options. When considering the huge taxation systems desired by many for exchanging carbon credits. When considering the great canals built by California and others to relocate fresh water for human consumption. The cost of Move the Water! is a literal drop in the bucket.

Call to Action

The WMO has a call for more ambitious climate mitigation efforts and urgent action. Here is the action which they seek. It is the one solution which is proactive, clean and simple, inexpensive, and will have immediate and continuing results. What does it take to implement the Active Climate Rescue Initiative: Move the Water! This one must be implemented, and the sooner the better for all our sakes. WMO: How can this be implemented? We could begin reversing Global Warming in months.


The actions encouraged by Active Climate Rescue Initiative: Move the Water! can be consider as National Determined Contributions under Paris Accord agreements. And again, these actions will be less expensive than other options.


Of course, this does not remove the need for other actions. The Move the Water! initiative is not an if/or option. It is an if/and option.

Help Reverse Climate Change

Your small donation to Active Climate Rescue Initiative will help reverse Global Warming. Reversing Global Warming and stopping Climate Change is our only goal, and we know how to do it. Your support will allow us to broadcast our message and save the world. Someone must do it. Be part of the someone.


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