The Great Salt Lake

Will It Soon Be The Great Salt Dust-Bowl?

This discussion is greatly simplified, but… The Great Salt Lake was created by water left behind from some global event. Theories include the Ice Age and/or the Biblical Flood. It was massive in size, covering about a quarter of Utah. It is much smaller today and regardless of how it was formed, it is there, and it has unique circumstances.

Unique Circumstances.

The Great Salt Lake is the central/lowest point in the Great Salt Lake watershed. All the water in this watershed eventually drains down into The Great Salt Lake. Water enters and leaves this watershed by airborne moisture. On balance a little more water leaves than is received. This negative flow in the airborne watershed means that sooner or later The Great Salt Lake will become an empty hole in the ground. An example of this is Death Valley.

So? Isn’t That Natural?

It is the natural course that it has been following for centuries. That does not mean that man should not try to find a way to change its future.

What Happens If It Goes Dry?

If The Great Salt Lake is allowed to go dry, there will be serious consequences for the residents of Utah, and the other six surrounding states.

For Utah

The people of Utah are using nearly all their fresh water, so it is not returning to The Great Salt Lake. But The Great Salt Lake provides most of their airborne moisture; which is used to replenish their fresh water by providing rain and snow. Granted that some of the airborne moisture comes from other parts of USA, but the larger volume is created from evaporation off The Great Salt Lake water. If The Great Salt Lake is dry; then no moisture; which means no rain or snow; which means no fresh water. Just that simple.

For Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming 

The Great Salt Lake is a large contributor to the airborne watershed which encompasses these states. The people of these states gain all their fresh water from rain and snow. Much of this moisture is obtained from evaporation off The Great Salt Lake. If the Great Salt Lake becomes a dry hole; much of the needed rain and snow will not be available. There will be local Climate Change.

Can this Be Stopped?

Active Climate Rescue Initiative believes that this can be stopped. The solution is simple. Allow some of the water in Idaho’s Snake River to flow into The Great Salt Lake. As projects go; this one would be kind of simple: dig a canal.

Help Reverse Climate Change

Your small donation to Active Climate Rescue Initiative will help reverse Global Warming. Reversing Global Warming and stopping Climate Change is our only goal, and we know how to do it. Your support will allow us to broadcast our message and save the world. Someone must do it. Be part of the someone. Donate today.

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