History Proves Move the Water!

How can we prove that Move the Water! works?

We can spend a $200,000 to create a computer model to test the theory. The problem is that computer models are fraught with computational assumptions and are never 100% accurate.

History better than Modeling…

It is better to look at real life examples were Move the Water! was implemented in history. We have one example with the Salton Sea. This is not an exact duplicate of Move the Water! because the water path was cutoff, so the inland sea did not replenish itself as water was evaporated. This fault does help us with our test. We have historical records which confirm that Move the Water! worked.

A little history…

The Salton Sea was created in 1905 as a result in a breach of a canal which could not be immediately stemmed. The flow lasted long enough to create the Salton Sea. After that, replenishment of the evaporated water came only from stingy agricultural drains, carrying with it assorted pollutants. The result is that the surface level of the Salton Sea has been diminishing since its creation date.

Above is a chart of the Salton Sea water level decrease, computed using a 20-year average, which shows a steady decline.

A little more history…

We have rainfall records beginning in 1922 for Palm Springs, CA, located in the Coachella Valley Basin. Palm Springs is 40 miles downwind of the Salton Sea.

Above is a chart of the rainfall for Palm Springs, CA, computed using a 20-year average, which shows a steady decline in rainfall.

This is better than a computer model of a future event based on proposed actions. This is historical record of results of an action. Notice how the decrease in both charts is nearly identical. This illustrates how having water in an inland lake creates rain for areas which are downwind of that lake.


Over time, as the Salton Sea has diminished, the rainfall totals for Palm Springs diminished by one-third. It is not proposed that if Salton Sea completely dries, Palm Springs will have no rain. It is understood that atmospheric moisture comes from multiple sources, so some rainfall will be recorded, but you can expect that the current 2” per year will diminish.


What can be said, based off these historical records, is that if the Salton Sea is returned to its original level, Palm Springs, CA, and the whole of the Coachella Valley Basin, will have 33% more rainfall per year.  

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