Studies which Support ‘Move the Water!’

Flooding Desert Depression

Move the Water! premise:

The flooding of a dry depression would cause increase in atmospheric moisture and a decrease in local temperature.

Study Conducted:

In 1983 a group of scientists created a computer simulation model to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the mesoscale(1) climatic changes due to a deliberate flooding of the Qattara depression in Egypt during a summer season.(2)


Considerable environmental changes could be expected if the Qattara depression were converted to an inland sea. There would be changes in moisture and temperature patterns as well as horizontal and vertical winds.

(1) Mesoscale: Of or relating to a meteorological phenomenon approximately 10 to 1000 kilometers in horizontal extent.

(2) Title: Climatic changes due to a deliberate flooding of the Qattara depression (Egypt). Article Bib No.: 305744. Authors: Segal, M.; Pielke, R.A.; Mahrer, Y. Publication: Climatic Change; VOL. 5 NO. 1, 1983; pp.73-83. Language: English. Geographical Area: Egypt.

Temperature/Rainfall Correlation

Move the Water! premise:

Local rain decreases local temperature.

Study Conducted:

In 2013 Douglas J Cotton did a correlative study analyzing temperature and rainfall data for 15 cities which were carefully selected to eliminate tangential variables. (3)


Water vapor does in fact appear to have the cooling effect.

(3) Title: Planetary Core and Surface Temperatures; Chapter 17. Appendix – Study of Temperature/Rainfall Correlation. Author: Cotton, D.J. Publication: SERN Electronic Journal; January 2013. Language: English. Geographic Location: Select towns and cities between the Equator to the Tropic of Capricorn (at about 23.5° South).

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