Here is yet another location in our world which would benefit from the Move the Water! initiative. In this video StocktonDan lays out a good plan to flooding Lake Eyre, Australia with ocean water and extrapolates some of the benefits for the region.

Move the Water!

The root of the Move the Water! initiative is to move ocean water to below-sea-level depressions via gravity flow canal. After the canal is established the only maintenance required is to assure that the canal remains free flowing.

The Benefits

Lowered the ocean level

There will be an immediate lowering of the ocean level. Granted the ocean level will be only lowered by a small amount, but every little bit helps. Over time the ocean will continue to be drained into Lake Eyre as water evaporates out of Lake Eyre. The evaporated water will find many places to stay and will not immediately be returned to the ocean.

Localized climatic cooling

Cooling around Lake Eyre will occur because of several mechanisms. The first mechanism is evaporation, which causes micro-cooling to occur. Second is micro-cooling from rain which is generated from the evaporation from Lake Eyre. Third, the rain will encourage plants to grow, and plants are natural air conditioners, each causing micro-cooling; as they shade the ground, and during the process of photosynthesis.


As mentioned above, causes micro-cooling, but there are other benefits to evaporation. The evaporated moisture returns in form of rain, mist, and snow. This returning water is pure to drink for people, plants and animals. Bringing the water into a region brings life. When the evaporated water is returned to earth; some if it is used for plant growth, but some of it is percolated into the ground for storage and later use. Some of the water which is returned reevaporates and is returned in a different location downwind from its point of evaporation. This is a continuing cycle, continuously bring life to the earth.

Plant Growth

The water supplied via evaporation will cause plants to grow. That brings many secondary benefits in addition to the micro-cooling mentioned earlier. Their little plant bodies are 90%+ water, so they hold water preventing it from immediate return to the ocean. Plants are natural carbon sinks; they use atmospheric carbon to build their tiny bodies. Once incorporated into the plant it does not return to the atmosphere until the plant is burned. The plants provide food for local animals.

Opportunities for life

Bringing water into a desert is bringing opportunities for life. Look around. Major cities are located around water: Rivers; Oceans; Lakes. Much is said about climate refugees. Think of this new living place as someplace where they may settle and conduct their lives. Where there is water, there are a plethora of opportunities for people to thrive.

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