Cause of USA Mega-Drought

Cause of USA Mega-Drought

There is no one cause for anything related the Southwest USA Mega-Drought, just as there is no one cause for to Global Warming and Climate Change, but just go with me for a minute on this one. The draining of the Colorado River water for human use is the cause of the 20-year mega-drought in the southwest USA.  This is greatly simplified but follow my logic on this…

Water Moves in a Cycle

Water moves in a cycle greater than local watersheds. The water for the southwest USA begins in Mexico’s Laguna Salada. The water in Laguna Salada evaporates into the atmosphere and creates precipitation (fog, mist, rain, and snow). This moisture is moved north by wind patterns into the southwest USA. It comes to earth in the Colorado River watershed. Once in the river it flows to Mexico. On arrival in Mexico it fills Laguna Salada. The water in Laguna Salada evaporates into the atmosphere and creates precipitation.  The cycle is perpetual until something breaks the circle…

Colorado River Watershed Hydrologic Cycle. Red arrows are general direction of water movements

Water Being Diverted

In a closed terrarium water just keeps being recycled. There is no reason to add more. In real life, there is no closed loop. Laguna Salada has gone dry. The water used to refill it is used and syphoned off to other places outside of the watershed. The escaping water must be replaced for the system to continue to function. In this case that replacement water can most easily be replaced by refilling Mexico’s Laguna Salada. How can this be done? How can we refill a large body of water? This is really a very simple thing to do.

Laguna Salada is dry beginning in 1999 through present. The Water Cycle has been broken for 20+years.

The Water’s (now-dry) Path.

The Colorado River flowed to Mexico. It is connected to Laguna Salada by the Coyote Canal. What was no not used to fill Laguna Salada continued into the Gulf of California. Because of the water diversions from the Colorado River, the Colorado River is dry before it reaches the Coyote Canal. The Colorado River no longer feeds Laguna Salada or the Gulf of California. The end result is that the Hydrologic Cycle of the Colorado River Watershed is broken.

Move the Water.

The Move the Water! initiative proposes to refill Laguna Salada with sea-water. What is needed is to create open channel flow, reverse the flow of the Coyote Canal so that ocean-water can flow up the streambed from the Gulf of California to Laguna Salada. The Coyote Canal must be deepened and widened which will allow free inflow of water from Gulf or California to Laguna Salada. This will fix the now broken water cycle and eventually eliminate the mega-drought.

Mexico’s Commitment to End Climate Change.

The loss of the water in the Colorado River Watershed is one of the causes of Climate Change. The removal of that water allows the area to become warmer. Mexico made a it clear in Paris that they wanted to do their part in reversing Climate Change. This is their opportunity, and it is a low-cost project to undertake. The work in Mexico could be done in a surprisingly short time frame; easily less than a year. Once completed the drought can begin to end and climate Change can be mitigated.

Help Reverse Climate Change

Your small donation to Active Climate Rescue Initiative will help reverse Global Warming. Reversing Global Warming and stopping Climate Change is our only goal, and we know how to do it. Your support will allow us to broadcast our message and save the world. Someone must do it. Be part of the someone. Donate today.

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