Has Move the Water! been proven?

We need your DONATION to help scientifically prove Move the Water!

Detailed explanation of the benefits of Move the Water! and call-to-action.

Here is a way you can help halt Global Warming. I am asking for your DONATION support so we can pay for a scientific weather simulation model study to determine the effect of proposed Move the Water! projects.

I am confident that Move the Water (#movethewater) will make a significant impact toward the reversal of Global Warming. All the plan’s working parts are well documented scientific facts; none of them can fail, yet some people just must see an official report to believe.

Understand that Move the Water!, while based on sound science, is extremely complicated with many elements all working in concert to accomplish the goal. A computer model constructed by knowledgeable scientists using state-of-the-art software and powerful computers can give a best-guess answer for specific locations, but nothing and no one can give 100% result of the outcome. No one knows the future and there are too many moving parts. Add that the model is specific to a single location; the pieces change by geography location, so a specific report for one location will only give general guidance of the potential outcome for a different location.

Regardless of the limitations, local decision makers require such computer models before approving Move the Water!.

Now is the time to DONATE.

Active Climate Rescue Initiative has established this donation page with a goal of US$200,000 to finance computer modeling of the Move the Water! initiative relating to the Laguna Salada, Baja, MX and Salton Sea, CA, USA projects. We have two quoted proposals (summary details are further below) and wish to accept both. The data will be much more valuable when the two sources independently come to same conclusion. There is a possibility for a third report, but we do not have the proposal yet.

We would like to be able to initiate both scientific computer weather model projects before the 17-19 MAR 2021 virtual Tres Lagunas Binational Summit for Laguna Salada & Salton Sea Restoration. Accomplishing that small thing will be a great encouragement to the summit participants and will stimulate the implementation of the Move the Water! initiative. It is our belief that completion of Move the Water! at Laguna Salada & Salton Sea will end the 20-year mega-drought in the SW USA and NW Baja MX, reduce the wildfire danger, increase the availability of drinking water, and yes, work to reduce Global Warming. This is important work.

The lack of these studies seems to be a block to the forward progress of Move the Water!. Move the Water! implementation must be approved by local governments and those entities must see these types of models to make their approvals and release construction permits.

Active Climate Rescue Initiative will not profit from these donations, from the report results, or from the installation of any Move the Water! project. Active Climate Rescue Initiative is a Michigan Non-profit, IRS 501.c.3 Public Charity with the sole mission of promoting the Move the Water! initiative to the world, so that Global Warming can be reversed.

As can be seen in the above video, we truly believe that Move the Water! is the best (not the only) way to push-back on Global Warming. The design of Move the Water! is simple, and low-cost (when compared with other proposals). The cost is a one-time expense, with only installation-energy consumption, but will have a perpetual, net-zero, positive, benefit against Global Warming by utilizing natural processes to cool hot places, lower ocean level, generate clean clear water, and sequester carbon. This is truly a win-win initiative. Win for the local people by improving the biome for their habitation. Win for Earth by lowering the aggerate global temperature.  

Here are the summary details of the two proposals to model the weather patterns and proof Move the Water!

Computer Model Project #1

Modeling to be conducted by Dr. Mejia of Desert Research Institute.

Use the Weather Research Forecasting regional climate model to conduct a weather simulation study to determine if Laguna Salada, a seawater lagoon in the northern Gulf of California region, could stimulate summer rainfall in the Imperial Valley and Colorado River Basin.

Cost is estimated at US$100,000.

Lead-Time for the modeling: 1 year.

Computer model Project #2

Modeling to be conducted by Prof. Dr. Volker Wulfmeyer, and Dr. Oliver Branch of Earth System Solutions.

Use the WRF-NOAHMP model system in combination with a lake model to conduct a weather simulation study analyzing the impact of flooding Laguna Salada, Baja, MX and Salton Sea, CA, USA in a specific calendar month.

Cost is estimated at EU€60,000 (US$70,000)

Lead-Time for the modeling: 4 months.

There are two existing studies which I have found.

Climatic changes due to a deliberate flooding of the Qattara depression (Egypt). Article Bib No.: 305744. Authors: Segal, M.; Pielke, R.A.; Mahrer, Y. Publication: Climatic Change; VOL. 5 NO. 1, 1983; pp.73-83. Language: English. Geographical Area: Egypt.

Planetary Core and Surface Temperatures; Chapter 17. Appendix – Study of Temperature/Rainfall Correlation. Author: Cotton, D.J. Publication: SERN Electronic Journal; January 2013. Language: English. Geographic Location: Select towns and cities between the Equator to the Tropic of Capricorn (at about 23.5° South).

You are invited to view and share the Move the Water! YouTube videos:

You are invited to attend the Tres Lagunas – Binational Summit for Laguna Salada & Salton Sea Restoration. Registration for tickets here.

Please DONATE so we can get these scientific studies started.

Please share the video links and summit registration links to your fellow Climate Warriors.

Thanks in advance to everyone who can help.

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